Project Update – 10th July 2013

The saga continues…. we have been invited to a meeting with DCMS Secretary of State Maria Miller and BT to try to resolve the legal impasse faced by our RCBF application – namely the absurd situation whereby Defra/DCMS cannot approve our application (which they would like to do) until BT has disclosed the locations of the ‘final 10%’ (which it would not like to do).
Precisely how the relevant Government Department managed to get itself into the position where it is essentially held hostage by BT is the subject of a detailed enquiry by the National Audit Office, the publication of which report ( and the scheduled hearing by the Public Accounts Committee on 17th July may have had something to do with our invitation to meet the Secretary of State. 
As ever, we travel hopefully, and hope for a workable solution that allows us to be granted our RCBF application and to press ahead with our plans, and we will report on developments.
Meanwhile, and after some deliberation, we have decided to withdraw the FundTheGap offer to investors at the end of June, as it was not achieving our objectives.  The project team is working on other and hopefully easier ways for local residents to invest directly in North Dorset Broadband, and we will inform you of these in due course.  In the meantime, the Rural Broadband EIS Fund offer remains open ( offering essentially the same tax benefits and forecast returns, but spread across multiple broadband projects.

We would like to thank everybody for their continuing interest in and support of the project to date, and can only offer our regret that the journey has proved so tortuous.  

As soon as we have any news or developments we will update this site. In the meantime, have a good summer.

The North Dorset Broadband Team

For an Overview presentation of the investment proposition, click here to view

Also, please complete the on-line survey.  We have received hundreds of responses so far but are still very keen to have more.  Especially if you live or have a business in the villages along the Trailway between Sturminster Newton and Blandford ( Durweston, Stourpaine, Child Okeford, Shillingstone, Okeford Fitzpaine plus Hamoon, Fiddleford and surrounding areas), or in the Tarrant Valley (Tarrant Monkton, Tarrant Hinton, Tarrant Launceston, Tarrant Gunville, Tarrant Rawston, Tarrant Rushton and Tarrant Keyneston. The relevant survey can be found by clicking this link.

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